Taylor Swift Wore An Unreal Wedding Dress And Sang ‘Champagne Problems’ In A New Clip

When the nominees were announced for the upcoming 64th Grammy Awards yesterday, Taylor Swift received just one nomination. But it was a big one, as Evermore received a nomination for Album Of The Year, alongside albums from Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, Olivia Rodrigo, Lil Nas X, Justin Bieber, Doja Cat, HER, Jon Batiste, and Ye.

Swift — who currently sits at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart — took to Twitter to congratulate her fellow nominees and posted an incredibly opulent clip of her singing next to Aaron Dessner on piano, on the set of the style out session for an upcoming video for the song “Champagne Problems.”In the artistic black and white overhead shot, Swift is seen wearing a decadent wedding dress that’s creating an angelic barrier around her behind Dessner, who plays the tune as the pair sit at the bottom of a staircase in an atrium.

“I wanted to share this video with you from when @aaron_dessner and I were doing our fittings for the video and there was a piano, so ofc this happened,” Swift said in the Tweet. “SO stoked evermore has been honored like this. Congrats to all our fellow nominees #GRAMMYs.”

It’s a glorious short clip that also serves as an exciting preview for the video. From Evermore (of course), “Champagne Problems” is a song about a young couple who’ve been in love, but the song’s protagonist turns down a wedding proposal at holiday time, shocking her family. The song addresses mental health issues and small town ideologies, and it looks as if Swift is leaning into the character for the upcoming video for sure.