Taylor Swift Fans Can’t Believe She Won’t Get An Oscar Nomination For Her ‘All Too Well’ Short Film

Taylor Swift has received a lot of praise for All Too Well: The Short Film. It was one of 2021’s biggest pop culture moments and it’s won MTV Video Music Awards, an American Music Award, and we’ll learn next year if it gets the Grammy for Best Music Video. While that latter award is still up in the air, there’s one thing we know for sure: the Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien video won’t win an Oscar.

Today (December 21), the shortlists for the 2023 Academy Awards was announced, and missing from the Best Live Action Short Film category is All Too Well, despite the video previously receiving some Oscar buzz. Swift hasn’t been completely shut out from consideration, though, as her Where The Crawdads Sing song “Carolina” is on the Best Original Song shortlist.

When it comes to All Too Well, however, Swifties were quick to hop on Twitter and cry “snub.” One fan, for example, wrote, “You can snub her all you want. I know when Taylor sets her mind on getting something, there’s no stopping her. She will win that oscar sooner or later. Mark my words.” Another tweeted, “not getting nominated is not a snub but i just know taylor is disappointed and that makes me sad :( she’s so proud of this project.”

Check out some other reactions to Swift not getting the nomination below.