Taylor Swift’s Alleged Stalker Was Arrested After He Showed Up To Her Manhattan Home And Threatened Her

On numerous occasions, Taylor Swift has dealt with men stalking her at her various homes throughout the country. The latest example of that came earlier this month when a man showed up uninvited to her Manhattan home and made threats to her. The incident occurred on June 12, and it wasn’t until Friday night that cops were able to apprehend the alleged stalker. TMZ reports that Joshua Christian was booked and charged with stalking after police were able to track him down after he ran into Taylor and her security team multiple times.

TMZ adds that when Chrisitan appeared at Taylor’s Manhattan home last month, it was with the “intent to annoy and harass” her. Christian buzzed up to her residence using the building’s intercom, and when he arrived, he threatened to hurt Taylor if she refused to be with him. Taylor reportedly did not answer the intercom or call the police, instead, it was her security team that made the call.

Taylor has been dealing with stalkers around her residence since at least 2018. That year, a man was arrested after he tried to scale the wall of her Beverly Hills mansion and just a little over a week later, a man was charged with stalking, burglary, and criminal mischief after he broke into her Manhattan home. In 2019, a man was caught trying to get through the gate of her Westerly, Rhode Island mansion. The suspect claimed that he had previously spoken to the singer and arrived at the mansion to marry her.