A Taylor Swift Stalker Carrying Lock Picks And A Crowbar Was Reportedly Arrested Near Her Home

Getty Image

Being famous can lead to a lot of desirable things, but it’s not without its drawbacks, especially when you’re as famous as Taylor Swift is. Earlier this year, a Swift stalker was arrested after breaking into her home for at least the third time, and now another person has apparently found himself on the wrong side of the law after trying to get too close to Swift.

TMZ reports that police in Westerly, Rhode Island arrested a 32-year-old man named David Paige after reports that he was acting suspiciously in the neighborhood where Swift has a house. Paige was reported to have a backpack with a metal bat sticking out of it, and when he was confronted by police, he tried to get away before being apprehended. When his backpack was searched, police found the bat, as well as 30 lock picks, a crowbar, gloves, a flashlight, screwdrivers, and a rake. Fortunately, Swift was not home at the time.

Paige reportedly told police that he had just arrived in Rhode Island from New York, and previously from Memphis and Nashville. He was apparently trying to “catch up with Taylor Swift” so she could help him out with his music career. He was reportedly arrested for possession of burglary tools and a weapon other than a firearm.

In less scary news, Swift also appeared in the new trailer for the upcoming Cats movie, and people aren’t really sure how to feel about it.