Taylor Swift Says Goodbye To A Weird Year With An Appropriately Weird Photo

For a lot of us, new music from Taylor Swift has been the only thing making 2020 bearable. Long story short, we survived, but that’s definitely in part because of her new albums Folklore, released this summer, and Evermore released just a few weeks ago. The follow-ups to her 2019 album Lover came way off Taylor’s usual album release timeline, as she was stuck at home without a tour and not much to do besides make music.

But even with such a successful and prolific year — plenty of people named Folklore the best album of 2020, including Uproxx — clearly, this year sucked for everyone. Taylor included. To poke fun at the absurd and sad strangeness of 2020, the pop star posted a photo of herself in a bear costume (?) to Twitter this morning with the following caption: “bye 2020, it’s been weird.”

It’s an appropriately weird photo for a difficult year that we’re all hoping will immediately vanish into a lovely 2021 when the clock strikes midnight tonight.

Interestingly enough, another musician decided to bid farewell to 2020 with a photo that involved a bear and a cat — El-P, one half of Run The Jewels posted this tweet a few hours later:

Taylor Swift famously loves cats, is this some sort of signal that the two are collaborating on her next surprise album? Most likely not but if it happens, remember who predicted it! Happy new year all, time for me to drink some eggnog and get offline.