Taylor Swift Is Making A Big Change To One Of Her Self-Imposed Setlist Rules On ‘The Eras Tour’ For 2024

Since the start of The Eras Tour, Taylor Swift has devoted a small, two-song chunk of her set to a pair of songs that she’d perform acoustically. These songs would change nightly, and Swift would shy away from playing the same song more than once at any point on the tour. Now, though, Swift has revised her self-imposed rule.

In Melbourne, Australia yesterday (February 18), Swift explained, “I’ve just been kind of re-thinking, I’ve been thinking, I want to be as creative as possible with the acoustic set moving forward. And I don’t wanna limit anything and I don’t wanna just say, ‘Oh, if I’ve played a song before I can’t play it again.’ So from now on, I’m just gonna… I don’t wanna take any paint colors out of the paint box of colors. I don’t want to take any tools out of the toolbox… what’s the metaphor I’m looking for? I want to be able to play songs more than once if I feel like it, and I wanna be able to make changes to songs.”

Back on March 17, 2023, Swift explained of her initial approach, “The plan, the goal, would be to play different songs every single night and never repeat one. Right? So that when you heard one on this tour, you would know it’s the only time that I was going to play it in the acoustic set, unless — caveat — unless I mess it up so badly that I have to do it over again in some other city.”

Things are different now, though, since all songs are back in the mix when it comes to the surprise portion of the Eras Tour set.