Taylor Swift Fans Are Convinced That ‘Mr. Perfectly Fine’ Takes Aim At Joe Jonas

The year is 2008: The first Twilight movie is in theaters, Beyonce and Jay-Z are newlyweds, and Taylor Swift drops her No. 1 album Fearless just one month after getting her heart broken by Joe Jonas. Now, 13 years later, Swift is throwing it back to 2008 by debuting a handful of previously unreleased tracks. With her latest song “Mr. Perfectly Fine,” fans are convinced that it’s Swift’s way of slighting Jonas for their messy breakup.

The new track was written during her Fearless era and Swift even hinted that it touched on drama, so fans were quick to connect the dots and point out that “Mr. Perfectly Fine” must have been Joe Jonas. Throughout the song’s lyrics, Swift touches on how a man broke her heart and takes aim at his vanity, leading fans to imagine how Jonas is currently coping with the news.





Some fans pointed out how the new track arrives less than a year after Swift allegedly gifted Jonas a blanket to congratulate the birth of his first child.



Other Swifties wondered if the singer will share a song about her previous relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal after they briefly dated in 2010 ahead of her album Red.



Even if Swift’s song is a reflection on her break up with Jonas, the boyband singer’s wife Sophie Turner isn’t fazed by the drama. In fact, Turner publicly shared her support about the track on social media. “It’s not NOT a bop,” Turner wrote alongside a post about the track.