A TikTok User Recreated One Of Taylor Swift’s Iconic Music Videos To Explain The ‘TikTok Ban’ Debate

The words “Meta” and “TikTok” are borderline inescapable these days. Even more so, now that some members of congress are pushing to ban TikTok in the US. Surely, this can be a little bit hard to follow, but a TikTok user explained it in a catchy way.

A TikTokker by the username pommetato recreated Taylor Swift‘s “You Belong With Me” video to detail why TikTok may get banned. In the video, the content creator is singing to the tune of “You Belong With Me” as Meta, who is trying to persuade a TikTok fan to come back to Meta.

“He’s got the FYP / But I gave you Reels / I leaked your data eight times / Don’t think that that’s a big deal,” she sings.

Elsewhere in the clip, she repeats conspiracy theories, while acting as Meta and coming to her own defense.

“Can’t you see that TikTok uses your wifi / and your camera to steal data from your eyes / but not me / Please come back and use me,” she sings on the parody’s chorus.

Swift herself has not commented on the TikTok clip, or on the matter of the potential TikTok ban, however, Swifties have taken to TikTok in droves, as they are sharing outfits, song transitions, and anecdotes from Swift during the ongoing Eras tour.