One Of Taylor Swift’s Video Co-Stars, A ‘Friday Night Lights’ Actor, Somehow Didn’t Know Her Name On Set

Back in 2011, Taylor Swift filmed the “Ours” music video alongside Friday Night Lights actor Zach Gilford. However, over a decade later, he made a recent appearance on the Ladygang podcast to reveal that he didn’t know her name at the time.

In the timeline of Swift’s life, she was already practically a household name with several Grammy awards under her belt.

“Here’s the thing… I’m just so out of touch,” Gilford admitted.

“They were doing all this behind-the-scenes footage on that music video, and they’re interviewing me and I’m really bad with names and I wasn’t sure if her name was Taylor or Tyler,” he added. “I’d go, ‘Ms. Swift. She’s so great. She’s so sweet. She’s so great to work with.’ And I was terrified. […] I would have been the first person ever canceled if I said her name wrong.”

Despite his confusion, he also said that Swift gave him a gift during the process of making the video together.

“This was the nicest thing,” Gilford also shared. “She gave me, like, a handwritten note of ‘Things To Do In Nashville.’ It was so sweet and thoughtful, and I think there were like little hearts over the I’s. It was really cute.”