Taylor Swift Has Removed The Controversial Scale Reading In Her ‘Anti-Hero’ Video

Taylor Swift‘s 10th studio album, Midnights is proving to be one of the buzziest albums of the year. Many are lauding Swift’s latest effort, but her new era hasn’t arrived without its faults.

In the video for “Anti-Hero,” Swift is seen standing on a scale, which then turns to read “fat” instead of her actual weight. While the video seems to represent how the media has treated Swift, several viewers took issue with this specific part.

In an essay penned for Huffington Post titled “I Love Taylor Swift, But There’s A Big Problem With Her New Video,” writer Juliet James wrote, “Taylor Swift is not, and has never been, even remotely fat. In fact, some of the negative criticism she’s faced related to body image was about being ‘too skinny.’ Swift has admitted this bothers her, but she has also talked about how she’s seen comments speculating about her maybe being pregnant, and how those comments have resulted in her not eating.”

Swift has not directly addressed the matter. However, fans noticed that this part of the video has been updated on Apple Music.

In the updated version, Swift is seen looking at the scale, however, the scale doesn’t show any sort of numbers or messages.

Many fans praised the updated version, with one Twitter user saying, “taylor changed her anti hero music video on apple music and it doesn’t directly show the word on the scale. so glad she listened to criticism.”

Some posit that she should’ve kept the scale in the video, as another Twitter user said, “this is actually so sad because taylor definitely saw all the people not caring about her OWN experience with her OWN body.”

At the time of writing, the video for “Anti-Hero” is still in its original iteration on YouTube.

Representatives for Swift did not immediately reply to our request for comment.

Midnights is out now via Republic. Stream it here.