32-Year-Old ‘Geriatric Pop Star’ Taylor Swift Is Blown Away By The Massive, Immediate Success Of ‘Midnights’

It’s only been a few days since Taylor Swift’s Midnights was released but it’s already one of 2022’s biggest albums: It’s Spotify’s most-streamed album in a single day and it could debut as one of the fastest-selling albums ever. It turns out Swift is pretty blown away by all of this considering her (apparently advanced) age.

Swift was on The Tonight Show yesterday and after Jimmy Fallon rattled off some of what Midnights has already achieved in just a few days, Swift noted, “I’m beside myself, really.” After noting that this album is more autobiographical than her last few, she continued, “The fact that the fans have done this — the breaking of the records and the going out to the stores and getting it… it’s like, you know, I’m 32, so we’re considered geriatric pop stars. They start trying to put us out to pasture at age 25. I’m just happy to be here!”

Elsewhere on the show, Swift indicated that she’s eager to get back on tour again, considering she hasn’t had a proper tour since supporting Reputation with a 2018 trek. She said, “I miss it, I really miss it. I miss, you know… when you write songs and you’re proud of the songs and you have the fans reacting, the most potent way that you can see them react is when you’re looking into their faces. Do you know what I mean? I miss that a lot. I really miss that connection.”

Check out the interview above and below.