The Rose Expresses How Love Can Taste So ‘Sour’ With A New Music Video

Whenever The Rose presents something, it’s always emotional. (Unless, you’re talking about their TikTok, of course.)

In what seems forever and day since The Rose released a new music — four years since their last EP (Dawn) to be exact, the Korean rock quartet finally makes their big comeback with their first ever studio album Heal and its lead single “Sour.”

Creating an album centered around how music can heal, “Sour” is the song that represents the bitterness one can feel when heartbroken. Shot outdoors with breathtaking views, the melody, percussions, vocals, and synths actually creates an encouraging atmosphere almost as if the band wants to help you release the heartbreak.

Ahead of their album and video release, the Korean rock band kicked off this new chapter of releases with their pre-single “Childhood” three weeks ago.

Over the summer, The Rose — consisting of members Woosung, Dojoon, Hajoon, and Jaehyeong — signed with a new management and label this past August with Far East Movement’s Transparent Arts in conjunction with Wasserman Music representing them.

The Rose recently embarked on the North American leg of their Heal Tour in Los Angeles this past week.

Check out the full tracklist to Heal below.

1. “~”
2. “Definition Of Ugly Is”
3. “Childhood”
4. “Shift”
5. “Cure”
6. “See-Saw”
7. “Time”
8. “Yes (Featuring James Reid)”
10. “–”