Tones And I Is Fed Up With Posers In Her ‘Ur So F**king Cool’ Video

Australian breakout singer Tones And I arrived on the scene with her hit track “Dance Monkey,” which became the most Shazam-ed single of all time. Following the release of two singles earlier this year, “Can’t Be Happy All The Time” and “Bad Child,” the singer returns with another energetic effort.

Directed by Nick Kozakis, Liam Kelly, and Tones And I herself, the singer embodies several different stereotypes at a party in her “Ur So F**king Cool” video. She cheekily portrays a vain beauty influencer, a pacifist hippie, a plastic surgery addict, and herself, feeling out of place and disinterested amid all the self-absorbed partygoers. “Walk into a party, feelin’ out of place / Everyone’s too cool, everyone’s too fake / I try to start a conversation but I can’t seem to relate / Yo, I’m about to get an Uber,” she sings.

Ultimately, the song was inspired by the relatable instance of feeling isolated at a party. In a statement, Tones And I said: “I wrote this song after I went to a party and everyone there thought they were the coolest thing ever and I just thought, ‘This is sh*t, I’m leaving.'”

Watch Tones And I’s “Ur So F**king Cool” above.

Tones And I is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.