Troye Sivan’s Emotional New Single ‘Take Yourself Home’ Is A Slow-Burner

While everyone is reacting differently to the isolation and quarantine measures being taken across the globe to slow the spread of COVID-19 and Coronavirus, some are handling it better than others. For Troye Sivan, the changes and anxiety were driving him a little crazy a couple days ago, and he even went so far as to threaten leaking his own music. Thankfully, it didn’t need to come to that, and he’s now released a brand new single for fans — officially, without leaking — after teasing it and even revealing the title on Twitter.

“Take Yourself Home” is some of the first new music we’ve heard from Troye since his star-making full-length album Bloom dropped back in 2018. The tour behind Bloom that followed helped put him on the map in an even bigger way, and also helped catapult a fellow queer pop star, Kim Petras, to the heights she’s now achieved.

Back to the new music, the song is definitely an emotional one. “I’m tired of the city / Scream if you’re with me / If I’m gonna die / Let’s die somewhere pretty,” goes the opening line, which also doubles as the song’s chorus. It’s a slow-burner from a pop star who makes ballads and anthems with equal skill. Listen above.