Troye Sivan Says He’s Going ‘Berserk’ In Quarantine And Is Going To Release New Music

Everyone is responding to the quarantine and social distancing due to the spread of Coronavirus in different ways.

Troye Sivan is one pop star who is finding the isolation challenging, as he posted on Twitter earlier this week about having new music and wanting to release it as soon as possible. “Guys…. hello lol,” he began. Following those tweets up with: “I’m literally going berserk. I have music and I’m going to release it very very soon I just decided.” Then he put out a call for other artists struggling in the quarantine to send him work and he’d give feedback: “If you are a freelance artist having a hard time atm I would love to see your work. I feel so lucky to be able to sustain myself w creative work and want to share that privilege as much as I can.”

Finally, he promised new music for his fans: “New music coming IDK when but really soon.”

Since then, he’s been sharing snippets of the behind-the-scenes process of getting the song mastered, working with some of the artists he has received feedback from, and laughing at himself for the impulsivity of the whole process. But he’s still doing it — and fans are looking forward to something that will help break the monotony of quarantine. so keep an eye out for new music from Troye, probably coming sometime next week.