Twice Shares Their New Single ‘I Got You’ Off Of The Group’s Forthcoming Mini Album ‘With You-th’

The lovers of love’s favorite holiday is quickly approaching. With Valentine’s Day approaching, TWICE is getting into the romantic spirit. The record-setting K-pop group uses their inner lover-girl ethos to inspire their latest single, “I Got You.”

In 2023, TWICE dropped their album Ready To Be. In a few weeks, they will follow that body of work with their 13th mini-album, With You-th. Although the collective doesn’t want to give too much away, “I Got You” is just enough to give way for what’s to come. The vibrant and bouncy production is infectious. The lyrics add another layer of sparkling joy.

“A little reckless around the edges / Call it young, dumb love, and it’s just enough / Keep me guessing / How the story unfolds with you / When I’m walking into the darkness / I know you’ll be right there, lighting up the flares / When it’s starless / I will follow you to the moon,” sings members Mina and Jeongyeon.

Dahyun and Momo take on the chorus, singing, “No, we’ll never fall apart / Even million miles apart / We were lightning from the start / And it keeps me going to know that.”

Watch TWICE’s official video for the single “I Got You” above.

With YOU-th is out 2/23 via JYP Entertainment. Find more information here.