A Twice Member Wore A QAnon Shirt During A TV Performance And Fans Are Calling For Their Stylist To Be Fired

Twice made an appearance on the South Korean music TV series Show! Music Core over the weekend, to perform “Set Me Free.” That’s not what made headlines from the episode, though: On stage, Chaeyoung wore what from far away looked like a patriotic American cropped shirt, but it actually featured the QAnon logo and the last three words of their slogan, “Where we go one, we go all.” It can be seen in both photos from the show and during the performance itself.

QAnon, of course, is a controversial far-right political movement that supports Donald Trump and promotes a conspiracy theory about a group of powerful people who operate a global child sex abuse ring and conspire against Trump.

Fans aren’t blaming Chaeyoung for this, though. Rather, they’re upset at her stylist, who presumably chose the outfit without understanding the meaning behind the shirt. Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the situation and one user wrote, “If you’re going to ramp up promotions in the US, get the US label to CHECK HOW YOU’RE STYLING IDOLS. Not styling anyone in neo nazi conspiracy cult merch would be a great start.”


The situation is an example of artists (and/or stylists) not realizing that their styling can have cultural and political implications. Uproxx’s Aaron Williams addressed the relationship between K-pop and cultural appropriation earlier this year, and in that piece, Uproxx’s resident K-pop expert Lai Frances explained, “​Artists and idols have found themselves embroiled in appropriation whether they know it or not. Sometimes it’s the stylists’ fault, sometimes it’s the lack of education or exposure to other cultures — rather than just stereotypes — and sometimes it’s plain ignorance.”