Twice Made Fans Fall In Love With Their ‘Moonlight Sunrise’ Performance On ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’

In honor of their new 12th mini album, Ready To Be, dropping recently, Twice stopped by The Kelly Clarkson Show yesterday (March 14) to treat fans to a performance of their sparkling “Moonlight Sunrise” single.

As she introduced the band, there were several fans in the audience who had light-up glowsticks. Throughout Twice’s performance, they made full use of the large stage space to space out their coordinated choreography, as the members took turns tackling different parts of the song.

During the episode, Clarkson also spoke to the band, including lead dancer, Tzuyu — and wanted to make sure she was pronouncing her name correct through the translator. “How do you want me to say it?” Clarkson asked, to which the Twice member said it’s said like “dewie.”

“I think I said it right,” Clarkson added. “I’m trying.” The host then went on to ask about the meaning behind their song.

“’Moonlight Sunrise’ is a song about wanting to know the other person’s heart, and they use the metaphor of ‘moonlight’ and ‘sunrise’ to parallel that fluttering heart feeling when you’re in love,” Tzuyu sweetly shared, as the other Twice girls nodded in agreement.

Clarkson also chatted with the other members about how Twice was formed and what their favorite things are to do in America. Sana said she likes seeing Once (the fan base) “face-to-face.” Momo enjoys going to the grocery stores. Meanwhile, others just love the food, like pizza and pasta.

After asking the girls, Clarkson also complimented Jeongyeon. “You have a very beautiful speaking voice,” she said. “It’s like low and sultry. Yeah, very deep, I like it. I love it.”

Check out Twice’s “Moonlight Sunrise” performance and their interview clips above.

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