Uncle Roger Roasts An Old Video Of Joji And Rich Brian Cooking

Joji‘s upcoming sophomore album, Smithereens is set to arrive next month. But while we wait, YouTube food critic Uncle Roger pulled up a 2018 video of the “Glimpse Of Us” singer cooking instant noodles with his friend and 88Rising labelmate Rich Brian, and add hilarious commentary.

Early on the video, Joji and Brian keep some of the ingredients pixelated, as a way to maintain a surprise.

“This is not Japanese porn, don’t pixelate your meat,” says Roger.

Throughout the clip, the buddies are seen adding ingredients, making their noodles their own.

“Is that Nemo?” Brian asks as Joji scoops a red caviar called salmon roe ikura.

“By the way he scoops up stuff with the ladle, you can tell Nephew Brian [has cooked] before,” says Roger. “And by the way he [made a] Finding Nemo joke earlier, you can tell he’s never had sex before.”

Shortly after, Joji dances gracefully in the kitchen, tossing ingredients into the pan.

“Nephew Joji just throwing random sh*t in pan now,” Roger says. “So, I guess he’s the same level of cooking as Rachael Ray.”

Are the boys’ cooking skills as good as their music? Check out the clip above and find out.

Smithereens is out 11/4 via 88Rising and Warner Music. Pre-save it here.

Joji and Rich Brian are Warner Music artists. .