Wonho Officially Enlists In The South Korean Military As A Public Service Worker

The time has come for some of the third generation’s top male acts to enlist in the military.

Starting today (December 5), K-pop soloist Wonho will begin training to fulfill his mandatory military service as a public service worker. Prior to the enlistment, the “Don’t Regret” singer updated various channels to address his fans about his status with a heartfelt note and some photos of himself.

On his official fancafé (a Korean term for an artist’s bulletin board), Wonho left a note saying he prepared “so many different things” for WEENEE (his official fanclub name) to enjoy so they won’t get bored during the time he’s not active. “So I hope you spend this time happily and waiting for the day we meet again,” he said in his fan forum, according to allkpop.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Wonho kept it short and sweet with a message translating to “see you soon” with a trio of smiling photos attached.

Just two days before officially enlisting, Wonho held his 2022 Wonho Concert: Everyday Christmas on Saturday, December 3, hoping to spread some holiday cheer with fans as his last public appearance. Leading up to his final event, even before the enlistment announcement, the singer managed to complete his European Facade tour in September while also completing fan-meet concerts in South Korea, Japan, and Thailand.

Wonho’s last music project before enlistment is his two-track single-album Bittersweet alongside its lead single “Don’t Regret.”