Zedd And Kehlani Liven Up A Stuffy Restaurant In Their New ‘Good Thing’ Video

Zedd has established himself as a legitimate hit-maker over the past decade, and another excellent entry to his discography came recently with his new Kehlani collaboration “Good Thing.” Now the pair have shared a video for the track, and it begins with Zedd playing piano in a stuffy restaurant full of rich jerks. Kehlani, here a restaurant employee, walks in, and the two use the song to break up the monotony of the fancy dining hall.

Kehlani previously said of the track, “This record is special because I’ve always admired Zedd for his ability to breathe life into his art in such a fun way. It’s a meaningful record but still extremely fun, and very, very me. Recording this was one of the most fun studio sessions I’ve had in a long time. Zedd also added, “It’s been a while since I was this excited about a song. To me, ‘Good Thing’ brings all of my musical influences together. It has elements of pop, jazz, electronic and even soul. It feels like a journey of all the genres of music I’ve made and enjoyed throughout my life.”

It’s not clear if the track is part of an upcoming album, although Zedd has released a ton of non-album singles in his day, especially recently. The most obvious example of this is “The Middle” with Maren Morris and Grey, which was one of 2018’s biggest songs.

Watch the video for “Good Thing” above.