‘Burn Notice’ – ‘Bloodlines’: Like father, like son

A quick review of last night’s “Burn Notice” coming up just as soon as you steal my watch…

After the premiere, I suggested it might be a few weeks until we find out what the new status quo is. With “Bloodlines,” it feels like we might already be there. And, if so, it’s unsurprisingly not too different from the old status quo: Michael still takes on regular cases (and now has a bit more support in terms of money and material from Jesse’s fancy new private security gig), while the passages of each episode that used to be devoted to Michael chasing the people who burned him instead feature Michael doing random odd jobs for the CIA.

It’s entirely possible that we may move on from this soon – that more may be revealed about the cabal that burned Michael, that he and Max might have a falling out, etc. – but in case this is it, I’m curious how satisfying everyone finds the new arrangement. Is there not enough tension because Michael’s chummy with everyone and has access to so many resources? Would you rather the show not try to contrive tension and just step back and let us see Michael, Sam and Fi at work? If there are no more big bads, will you miss them?

At least for this week, I quite liked this iteration of “Burn Notice,” as the case of the week mainly became an excuse for Michael and Maddie to deal with some old family demons – and for Sharon Gless to get a showcase that she’ll inevitably use as her Emmy submission if she gets nominated again a year from now. Gless and Jeffrey Donovan always work so well together, and if there were moments where the tension between them felt a little melodramatic, that’s the key “Burn Notice” tends to record in. And Fi scaring the CIA asset back into his wife’s arms was just fun.

What did everybody else think?