Dana White Warns Conor McGregor Not To Go To War With UFC

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Conor McGregor continues to insist that a boxing match between the two mega-stars of the fight world, he and Floyd Mayweather, is on the horizon, and McGregor says that will happen with or without the involvement of Dana White and UFC.

McGregor spoke about the potential matchup in detail over the weekend at his “An Experience With Conor McGregor” event in Manchester, England with Ariel Helwani. McGregor said that it’s the only fight he wants to make in an effort to “conquer two worlds” and, most interestingly, said he will do it with or without UFC being involved.

“I believe so, with the Ali act I believe I can [fight outside UFC],” McGregor said, referring to a federal US law put in place to stop promoters from restricting boxers. “But I think it’s smoother with all involved. I think we’re all about good business. I’ve done great business with the UFC, with Dana and everyone. But again, everyone’s gotta know their place. So we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

Prior to his conversation, McGregor went on Instagram and called out, well, everyone from UFC to Floyd Mayweather to you and me, saying “F*ck the UFC. F*ck Floyd. F*ck boxing. F*ck Hollywood. And f*ck you too pay me.”

All of this was happening opposite a UFC Fight Night on Fox, and after the event, UFC president Dana White was asked about McGregor’s statements and Instagram post saying “F*ck the UFC.”

“You know how I feel with Conor,” White said. “I’ve always shown Conor nothing but respect and if he wants to go down that road with us, let me tell ya, it’ll be an epic fall.”

Both McGregor and White seem to acknowledge that both of them have helped each other a lot, but neither wants to provide the other with any negotiating leverage. I don’t think either is dumb enough to try and burn a bridge with the other, considering how much money each have made with the other, but this is how fight negotiations go.

As for whether White believes the fight will happen for real, it’s clear he won’t be holding his breath.

“Here’s what I think the chances are. About the same as me being the backup quarterback for Brady on Sunday,” White said.