Floyd Mayweather Declares That The Conor McGregor Fight Went Exactly According To Plan

Contributing Writer
08.27.17 3 Comments


The big Mayweather vs. McGregor fight wasn’t the complete blow out many people expected it to be, with Conor winning a couple of the early rounds before Floyd picked up the pace and battered the UFC star to a ref stoppage in the 10th round. But while we doubt this will take the shine off McGregor’s surprisingly good performance with many of his fans, Floyd Mayweather claims his strategy involved letting Conor win early.

“That was our game plan,” Mayweather said in the ring immediately after the fight. “Our game plan was to take our time, go to him, let him shoot all his heavy shots early then take him out at the end, down the stretch. That was our game plan. Me and my dad talked about it, we wanted him to shoot his heavy shots in the beginning because we know in MMA he fight 25 minutes real hard, after 25 minutes he starts to slow down.”

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