Floyd Mayweather Finishes Conor McGregor In The 10th Round

Entertainment Editor
08.27.17 23 Comments

The trash talk between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather started over two years ago at this point, on Conan of all places, but like Ronda Rousey versus Floyd Mayweather, it seemed like a talking point. A fun hypothetical between fight fans. Like Mike Tyson vs. Chuck Liddell or Ali vs. Inoki (heh). Somehow in the midst of denying that the fight would actually get made, it got made, and now, even through a myriad of PPV provider issues and delays, it’s done. It’s over.

Floyd Mayweather got his first finish in years. The fight was so much better than expected. Mayweather said he “owed the fans” for the Pacquaio fight, and May also said McGregor was better than he thought he was, a tough competitor. The fans got their money’s worth tonight. It was an exciting fight. When it ended, the scores were were shockingly close.

Here’s how it went down.

McGregor walked out with both of his UFC belts to his usual music and an arena the filled up incredibly quickly. He was dressed head to toe in white and gold and looked completely at ease. Meanwhile, Floyd Mayweather was dressed head to toe in a black and gold getup that involved a ski mask for some reason.

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