Conor McGregor Wished The Ref Had Let Floyd Mayweather Knock Him Out

Mayweather vs. McGregor lived up to the hype as both fighters pushed hard through ten rounds of boxing before Floyd Mayweather managed to overwhelm Conor McGregor and force the ref to stop the fight.

It was a humble Floyd Mayweather that spoke on the mic after the fight, congratulating Conor McGregor for being a game opponent but revealing it was always his plan to build up the offense over the fight. For McGregor’s part, he sounded pleased with his performance but disappointed with the referee stepping in and stopping things.

“I thought I took the early rounds pretty handy, he had to change his style and fair play to him, he did,” McGregor said in the ring immediately after the fight. “He adjusted, he changed his style, he put his hands up more. He’s composed. He’s not that fast, he’s not that powerful, but boy is he composed in there. So he was making me throw and he was patient with his shots.”

“I had a bit of fun over on this side,” Conor continued. “Hopefully I entertained the fans on this. I thought it was close, though. And I thought it was a little early of a stoppage. I get like that when I’m tired. I get a little wobbly and flowy. But get me into the corner and I’d have recovered and come back. I’d have liked to hit the floor. I’d have liked the ref … there’s a lot on the line here, he should have let me keep going, I thought.”

Leave it to Conor McGregor to demand he be knocked senseless on the canvas before things get stopped. That’s the same attitude that got him into the ring with Mayweather in the first place, which in turn just netted him the biggest payday of his life.

“No one’s taking these kinds of risks,” McGregor finished. “So f**k it, lay into me all you want. I’ll take it on the chin. I’ll take it wrapped around the neck on live TV. It’s another day for me.”