Kurt Angle Got Himself Put ‘In The Dog House’ After Making A Hawk Tuah Joke On Twitter

The current viral sensation of the moment is Hailey Welch, aka the Hawk Tuah Girl, after she went mega-viral for a brief appearance on Tim & Dee TV when she got asked for a go-to move that makes guys go crazy in bed and said you go “hawk tuah and spit on that thang.” For whatever reason, that has become and inescapable meme, and Welch is apparently cleaning up on her moment of fame.

As often happens when a meme becomes wildly popular, plenty of celebrities have looked to get in on the fun, and that included former Olympic gold medalist and WWE star Kurt Angle, who combined forces between his legendary staring meme and Hawk Tuah to fire off what was, objectively, a very funny tweet on Sunday. Unfortunately for Angle, the only person that didn’t find it funny was his wife, as Angle informed his fans that “Your Olympic hero is in the dog house right now” after deleting the tweet.

A “This post has been deleted” screenshot always makes something way funnier, and I really would like to have seen the conversation between Kurt Angle and his wife about what his tweet meant. Anyone who has had to explain an internet meme to a person who is not terminally online knows how difficult that can be, but especially if you have to explain to your wife why you made a joke about asking her for a blow job. Hopefully our Olympic hero finds his way out of the dog house soon, but I respect his “post first, ask for forgiveness later” policy when he has a banger.