Michael Bisping Claims Chris Weidman Tried To Manipulate The Rules ‘Like A Little B*tch’

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Chris Weidman isn’t getting a lick of sympathy from Michael Bisping after UFC 210’s mess of a finish in the Weidman/Mousasi co-main. Instead, Weidman has been christened a “little b*tch” by Bisping. (As is Bisping’s way.)

On his Believe You Me podcast, Bisping laid into Weidman over the illegal knees fiasco. In Bisping’s view, Weidman was “manipulating” the rules for his own benefit. Here’s some the juicier soundbites courtesy of MMA Fighting‘s transcription.

“If a person has one hand on the floor, in the past that was a downed opponent. What people used to do was, they used to touch the floor with that hand and then they couldn’t be kneed in the face, when realistically, they didn’t need to put that hand on the floor, they were totally manipulating the rules so they couldn’t be kneed.

“At a weigh-in, you try to make weight any way you can. At a fight, you’re supposed to be a man and f**king fight, not manipulate the rules and put one hand on the ground or two hands on the ground. Be a man, stand up, fight, go out there, tooth and nail, bite down on your mouthpiece and lets f**king do this.”

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