Mike Golic’s Son Ripped ESPN On Twitter, Then Realized His Dad And Brother Got A Show

05.17.17 2 years ago 4 Comments

Mike & Mike made the official announcement on Wednesday morning that, at some point in 2017, their 18-year run as ESPN’s morning drive radio program would be ending. It’s something that has been rumored for awhile and everyone knew was coming, especially after ESPN released the new morning TV lineup on Tuesday that included Mike Greenberg’s new morning television show on the mothership.

Greenberg and Golic spoke briefly about it and it was clear that where Greenberg would miss it, he was excited to be taking over a new role, while Golic was far more hurt by the change. Golic didn’t hide his displeasure of the breakup too well while talking about it, saying “it’s someone else’s story to tell” about why the two are splitting, but he seemed pleased that he’ll stay in his radio spot alongside long-time NFL host Trey Wingo and his son Mike Jr.

Golic’s other son Jake took to Twitter on Wednesday morning and ripped ESPN for splitting up the duo that was so beloved by many, but the problem was, Mike wasn’t getting laid off, he was simply getting new co-hosts in Trey Wingo and son Mike Golic Jr. Eventually, Jake came to recognize that and expressed his excitement, but not before going in on his dad (and now brother’s) employer.

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