The NFL Approved New Rules To Make Pass Interference Reviewable

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Perhaps the biggest question in football heading into the 2019 offseason was how the league would address calls to expand instant replay. This came in light of the missed pass interference call at the end of regulation in the NFC Championship Game — Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman committed an obvious pass interference on Saints receiver Tommylee Lewis, which went uncalled.

Some argue New Orleans would have played for a Super Bowl if the pass interference was called. Others point out that the Saints’ defense couldn’t get a stop after the missed call, then their offense got the ball first in overtime and could not do anything with it. Regardless, a conversation regarding making pass interference reviewable popped up this winter, and on Tuesday night, it came to a resolution.

According to multiple media reports, the league’s teams voted to make pass interference calls and non-calls on both sides of the ball for the upcoming year by a vote of 31-1.

If you were expecting the Rams to be the one team that voted against this proposal, you might be surprised to learn it some another franchise entirely.

Both Roger Goodell and Cowboys CEO Stephen Jones, there was energy behind reaching a resolution to this perceived problem.

It’s hard to imagine that anyone was more into this rule change than the people who spearheaded getting this changed.

This will assuredly lead to debate about whether more replay is a good thing, especially when it requires lengthy stoppages in play to get a judgement call like pass interference right. While it’s reviewable in the Canadian Football League, the NFL’s officials don’t exactly have a sterling reputation with getting calls right, even after taking a second look. But no matter what, one thing is clear: there are a whole lot of happy people in New Orleans right now.