Nick And Nate Diaz Joke Their Way Through A Dinner With Anthony Bourdain On ‘Parts Unknown’

Now that Nick and Nate Diaz have finally got the money fights they’ve been striving for, their once-rare smiles don’t seem to be leaving their faces. Who would’ve thought that the guys behind the notorious “Nashville Brawl” on national TV would one day be hanging out with Anthony Bourdain (who made a dig at Conor McGregor, saying McGregor “ran like a deer” from Nate and expects a trilogy fight) on the season premiere of Parts Unknown?

Hardcore vegans, Nick and Nate explain to Bourdain that they grew up on ramen, macaroni and cheese, and hot dogs. We knew the Diaz bros grew up poor, but it shows how far they’ve come to be the health nuts that they are. They used to be full of carbs and sodium, now they’re topped off with piss, vinegar, and some organic veggies. And they’re probably not too happy that Bourdain (now a BJJ enthusiast) needs to stop at an In-N-Out Burger whenever he visits LA. The Diaz’s are very passionate about healthy eating. And by that, I mean that they’re very passionate about everyone eating healthy.

Between sips of Tecate and recollections of schoolyard fights past, some delicious seafood is made. Who knows if Nick and Nate ate it. Bourdain definitely did.