Nate Diaz Flipped Off And Cursed Out Conor McGregor’s Corner During UFC 202

Nate Diaz is known for throwing high volume punches alongside a constant barrage of insults and taunts during his fights. Usually, this abuse is to demoralize an opponent and get them to swing wildly for his head instead of taking a more measured approach. In the main event of UFC 202 against Conor McGregor, Nate talked a load of trash and flipped off McGregor in the fifth round.

Conor wasn’t the only target of Nate’s ire, though. Early in the third, Diaz clinched McGregor against the cage near Conor’s blue corner. After a few short punches, Nate turned, looked at McGregor’s coaches, John Kavanagh and Owen Roddy, and said “F*ck all of you”. He punctuated the act with a brief middle finger and then went right back to fighting Conor in the clinch.

Here’s a slightly clearer pull for your auditory pleasure. Gotta love the Diaz Bros and their amazing ability to get pissed off at literally everyone that isn’t directly backing them up in a fight. Of course, all that anger and Stockton rage didn’t end with Nate’s hand getting raised at the end of the night, but Diaz and McGregor embraced after the final bell rang. Maybe Nate hugged things out with Kavanagh and Roddy backstage, too. The best part of fighting is friendship, after all.