Please Jeremy Lin, Don’t Date Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian rose to fame after a sex tape of her and Brandy’s brother, Ray J, “leaked” and then she latched on to other reality TV leaches like Paris and Nicky Hilton until she became the face of her own family’s empire. She also dated a number of popular athletes before marrying underwhelming derper Kris Humphries, and since her divorce she’s apparently been desperate to win back the public’s favor. Of course, her plan is to once again date a famous athlete.

She allegedly tried to snare Tim Tebow, but his will was thankfully too strong, so now she is using her connections with fellow reality TV diva La La Anthony (AKA Mrs. Carmelo) to set up a date with the sports world’s flavor of the month, Jeremy Lin. Please be false, pop culture gods. I don’t ask for much.

Kim’s publicist arranged for her to go on a “date” with NY Knicks player Jeremy Lin.

“She thinks [Jeremy] is cute, and she’s good friend’s with [Jeremy’s teammate Carmelo Anthony’s wife] Lala. It’s going to be a double date.” (Media Take Out via Black Sports Online)

As BSO points out, the source of this “news” is often wrong, but we’ve already watched this Linsanity thing rise to epic proportions with people throwing fits that a guy who has started 7 games isn’t being given a golden ticket to start at the All-Star Game, so a date with America’s most famous groupie would just make this feel-good story turn rotten. Especially with rumors abound that she has another sex tape floating around.

Lin’s obviously a smart guy, as he attended Harvard – the Stansbury of the East – but nobody really knows how this fame is affecting his ego. After all, he just moved from his brother’s couch into Amar’e Stoudamire’s old penthouse, so he’s a Bentley and rap video cameo away from fully turning NBA star on us. Kardashian would just be the cold sore on an otherwise perfect face.