The Sports WAG Feud That Absolutely Nobody Asked For: Linda Hogan Vs. Anna Welker

This week has already been highlighted by “news” that includes people accusing Beyonce of treason for lip-syncing the National Anthem, Manti Te’o playing the “What would you do?” game with Katie Couric, and Sheryl Crow, of all people, being dragged through the mud over Lance Armstrong admitting that he used PEDs, so I think it’s safe to say that this is quite the slow news week. But then, that’s what happens when you let those lazy football players take an extra week off before the Super Bowl.

Speaking of slow news and football players, I’m sure you’ve already read Wes Welker’s wife Anna’s less-than-favorable comments about Ray Lewis after the AFC Championship Game, in which she encouraged people to check out his lesser moments on his Wikipedia page. Of course, Anna (maiden name Burns, which means “fiery when drunk” in Irish) has since apologized, and we’ve heard very little from Lewis himself, making this almost a complete non-story.

That is, unless… yes, I think that’s… OH MAH GAWD, THAT’S LINDA HOGAN’S MUSIC!

The First Lady of Slow News Days and the Queen of Mean (Mugshots) herself, Linda decided to weigh in on Anna’s Facebook rant with TMZ, because who doesn’t want Linda Hogan’s opinions on anything?

Now Linda — a former athlete’s wife herself (kind of) — is dishing out some jabs of her own … calling Anna’s outburst “way uncool.”

According to Linda, Anna can say whatever she wants behind closed doors … but “in a public situation, [athletes’ wives] don’t really have a place to make an opinion.”

I assume that once the camera was off, Linda added: “Now, when it’s an athlete’s ex-wife, it’s totally cool to write things about anyone and everyone in a public situation, like, for instance, if I wanted to remind you that you can read all about Hulk Hogan’s gay relationship with Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake in my book, because I’m desperate for money. Please, I made need bail again soon.”