The Young CEOs Of Cobalt Robotics Are Making Robot Security Guards A Reality

05.22.17 2 years ago

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Movies and TV shows have long imagined robots as a fixture of our daily lives. As early as 1927’s Metropolis, we’ve imagined the heights robotics could reach and the humanoid functions these robots might fill. From murderous terminators to sweet little love struck Wall-E to replicants in the midst of an existential crisis, we’ve pondered the role robots could have for decades now.

For many of us, the idea of robots as a part of daily life started in childhood, while watching reruns of the Jetsons. We couldn’t wait for our flying cars and robot maids to be invented. And while flying cars are still a wee bit off (though we remain very hopeful), robot maids may be just around the corner.

Because thanks to the work of Cobalt Robotics, Robot security guards are a current reality.

The Security guards of the future, the Cobalt robot.

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