The Latest Pixel 2 Rumors Give Us A Look At A Possible Design For Google’s Next Phone

We’re very close to the release of Google’s second flagship Pixel phone and the rumors are flying about what we can expect. As BGR points out, there are more powerful and attractive phones on the market than Google’s latest, but it brings plenty to the table if you’re a fan of “pure Android” and want a fast track to any updates the OS receives. Not much is known about the look of the new Pixel at this point, but there are rumors about what we can expect. We also know a bit about what is under the hood thanks to its Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset and the power of Android O according to BGR:

The phone’s single-core score of 1804 is well shy of the iPhone 7 Plus’ record, but it’s about inline with what we’ve seen from the Galaxy S8. The multi-core score is also nearly as impressive as Samsung’s Galaxy S8 scores, and we’ll remind you that the Galaxy S8 is the most powerful Android phone the world has ever seen.

These benchmark scores were achieved by a Pixel 2 prototype, but it’s obviously quite likely that the phone’s performance will be roughly the same at launch.

Google has promised a release for the phone in 2017, announcing that users can expect it by early fall — similar to the release of the first phone in October 2016. It’s also rumored that the Pixel XL 2 has been canceled and replaced by a different Pixel handset to partner with the planned Pixel 2 release. According to Tech Radar, the rumored cancellation stems from Google possibly aiming for a larger screen and a “phablet” design similar to the Nexus 6 phone that preceded the Pixel phones.

They also add that the new Pixel phones will be waterproof, will have an improved camera, and won’t feature a headphone jack — likely to be an unpopular decision for some Android fans. There are also rumors of a third budget-friendly phone from Google, but the company has denied this in reference to the Pixel line. Tech Radar adds that it’s possible this could mean that a budget phone lands without Pixel branding or it could be a different phone entirely, but this is one of the more doubtful rumors floating around.

As for the look of the phone, speculation is the only tool Android users have at this point. Much like Apple’s next slate of iPhones, there’s discussion about what would make the perfect Pixel 2. One of the big expectations is a curved OLED screen that we’ve seen on the new Galaxy phones. The next iPhone is rumored to be following this design path as well. Also Tech Radar adds that benchmarks that appeared online seem to indicate that the phone will be have “a 5.6-inch 18:9 screen and a 2,560 x 1,312 resolution.”

While it would still be a pricey phone, these additions aim to improve on the positive aspects of the first generation of Pixel phones. Adding in a waterproof element and the possibility of a larger screen would help to make up for the lack of a headphone jack. Until we get an official look, we’ll just have to dream about the final design of this phone and its actual features. Luckily, we have some help thanks to some folks on Reddit. User mckblee shared this potential design for what they’re looking for from Google’s next flagship product:

Some are pointing out that they might prefer a more symmetrical design, with this design by Gabriel Zegarra gaining a lot of praise with other users:

Both look interesting, but we’ll just have to wait to see the official design.

(Via Tech Radar / BGR)