Rumors Are Already Swirling About The Google Pixel 2

The Google Pixel was announced just a few months ago and it’s quickly climbed to the top of the Android heap. Now, smartphones being what they are, Google has already announced a second Pixel on the way, and rumors are swirling as an intense rivalry between the Pixel and the upcoming, and supposedly revolutionary, iPhone 8 builds.

It’ll Resemble The iPhone 8, Or At Least Rumors About Its Design

First off, expect a sleeker design. This is just a standard expectation in general: The Pixel wowed critics because it worked well, not because it was any great shakes in design. However, rumor has it that the edge-to-edge, bezel-free design that keeps popping up around the iPhone will also be present on the Pixel 2. It would make sense; bezels, the border around your screen, are on the way out in general.

There Might Be A Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, And Pixel 2 XXL

One of the handier features for Android tidbit hunters is that Google tends to post codenames on the Android Open Source Project Wall. Android Police has spotted the curious codenames “Walleye,” “Muskie,” and “Taimen,” all related fish, each larger than the other, leading to speculation an even bigger Pixel 2 is on the way.

Google Might Ditch The Headphone Jack

And finally, the headphone jack might be kaput on the Pixel 2. Of all the rumors about the Pixel 2, we rank this the most unlikely not least because it’s not clear just how Apple’s jack-free experiment is going. They may be considering it, but even the savings in thinness and style might not be worth angry Android users.