10 New And Returning Original Series Coming To Netflix In 2014

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What’s New In Television This Week On Netflix: August 15th

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10 New And Returning Original Series Coming To Netflix In 2014
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As Netflix continues to add millions of new subscribers, it also continues its competition, as CEO Reed Hastings suggested, to be HBO before HBO becomes Netflix. To do so, Netflix has to be more than simply a streaming service that airs the best television shows of other networks. It’s had to create its own original programming. With the huge success of their new series last year, they’re looking to build upon that in 2014 by not only bringing back the shows that worked, but by creating more binge-watching television events.

Let’s take a look at what’s in store for us in 2014 on Netflix. Some spoilers ahead.

1. House of Cards (Season Two) — Season two of Netflix’s first major original series kicks off a week from tomorrow with Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood now the Vice President of the United States. He, along with his wife (played by Robin Wright) will continue using ruthless tactics as they seek to rise even further, although based on the trailer, it looks as though his former mistress, a reporter played by Kate Mara, and another reporter played by Constance Zimmer, will attempt to stand in his way. It probably will not end well for one or both of them. The season took some of its inspiration from Lyndon Johnson, according showrunner Beau Willimon, an interesting choice since he was Vice President when JFK was shot. Is an assassination attempt on the President Walker in the works? We’ll find out very soon.

2. Hemlock Grove (Season Two) — There’s no official premiere date for season two of Hemlock Grove, though we can — according to one cast member — rule out March. The series, which was not particularly well received by critics, apparently had a sizable enough audience to justify a second season, although with three fewer episodes. Executive Producer Eli Roth has stated that the first season was just a warm-up, so expect at least an uptick in the action. Meanwhile, Orange is the New Black‘s Madeline Brewer will join the cast as Miranda Cates, a graphic novelist; Madeleine Martin (Californication) also joins series regular, starring as Shelly Godfrey, the revived child of the Godfreys, who was played by Nicole Boivin in season one. Finally, JC MacKenzie has also come aboard as “Mr. Big Bad.”

3. Orange is the New Black (Season Two) — The second season of the sensational Orange is the New Black is expected to return in the Spring, and though a few behind-the-scenes photos have been released, we don’t have any specific details. Early reports had suggested that Laura Prepon would be back for only one episode in season two, but more recent reports have suggested she’ll be there for “most” of the season, and others are even suggesting that she may return for season three. Moreover, according to reports last year, the focus this season will be less on Taylor Schilling’s Piper, as Orange is the New Black evolves into a real ensemble show. It was also announced last week that Lori Petty will join the cast in a guest role.