Let’s Look Back At Pete Campbell’s Most Miserable ‘Mad Men’ Moments

As we’ve been reminding you all week, Mad Men will finish its run tonight. It’ll be the last time we see these characters through their good times and bad. And last we saw him, that jerk Pete Campbell got what appeared to be a happy send-off and I’m still furious about it. So to help deal, I’ve decided to look back at some of Pete’s lowest moments for some good ol’ schadenfreude. Gotta say, it’s helping.

That time Lane landed some blows.

The look of shock on Pete’s face is always the best part, is it not?

As did those guy on the train…

… and that column in the office.

The Stairs.

If it’s office slapstick you’re looking for, you can’t beat the stair tumble.

Losing Allison Brie 

Ooh, remember when Trudy separated from him?

Driving the wrong way.

It’s the transformation from happy and prideful Pete to shameful Pete when he embarrassed himself in front of the GM folks that makes this life worth living.

Pretty great, Bob. 

Everyone felt bad about Pete’s mom, but maybe Bob was being literal here. After all, she did cause some significant property damage.

But hey, maybe she had to be sacrificed to give us this great moment:

You’re not getting my handkerchief.

You can keep your happy-go-lucky Pete Campbell, I’ll be sure to remember the bad times.