Let’s Celebrate Robin From ‘How I Met Your Mother’: TV’s Favorite Canadian And Best Ex

Features Writer
05.28.15 6 Comments


If you love scotch and fear babies, Robin Scherbatsky probably spoke to you on a spiritual level. When she was introduced in the pilot episode of How I Met Your Mother as a love interest for Ted Mosby, our whiny protagonist, viewers expected Robin to fill the often thankless “girlfriend” role. However, she quickly established herself as a unique and compelling character. Robin was unapologetically career driven, complex, and hilarious. While many disagree with her treatment in the last season, Robin was a fan favorite for the show’s entire run. She made Canadians look cool, confused gun control fans, and may be the coolest ex-girlfriend in TV history. Here are some of Robin’s best lines, so turn on “Sandcastles in the Sand” and read on, ya hoser.

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