Ride Again With These ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Quotes

It’s only been a few months since we said goodbye to Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) and the rest of SAMCRO in Kurt Sutter’s Sons of Anarchy. The show could be described as Hamlet on a Harley, or we could just say that it was one of the most critically lauded things on television throughout its run. Either way, it’s been missed.

The outlaws on Sons of Anarchy were just as charming and relatable as they were intimidating and different. Even the ones that reached the peak of villainy had their own redeeming qualities. Simply put, the show connected with viewers in a real way due to the world that Kurt Sutter created, and now that it’s been off the air just long enough for our final wounds to start to heal, it’s time to revisit some of our favorite moments again with the best quotes from the show’s seven-season run.

Warning: There are spoilers ahead. 

“When the time comes she needs to tell my sons who I really am. I’m not a good man. I’m a criminal and a killer. I need my sons to grow up hating the thought of me.” – Jax

Jax Teller constantly struggled with the duality of being a good man and a good outlaw, two lifestyles that often contradicted each other.

“Gemma knows every truth behind every lie inside every secret. She’s the gatekeeper.” – Juice

There really wasn’t ever a better description of Gemma Teller, the den mother of the SAMCRO family.

“I’m sorry that the family I was given has created such chaos in the family I’ve chosen. I hope you know I love you all very much.” – Jax

They say that you can’t choose your family. But that’s exactly what Jax did. And they were more loyal than some blood relatives can be.

“If you gave a sh*t about Tara maybe you’d spend a little less time being a thug and a little more time being a dad.” – Unser

It seemed like Wayne Unser was always involved in the club’s business. But it wasn’t always, if even often, for personal gain. It was out of genuine concern of the members. Sometimes he had to tell them things they didn’t want to hear.

“You know why I like teaming up with you Hap? Because when we do, I’m the normal one.” – Tig

With his high tolerance for violence and pediophobia (a fear of dolls, which Kurt Sutter shares), Tig was the go-to “weird” guy on the show. Then we met Happy, a guy that tattoos a smiley face on his body for every person he kills and we… well, he wasn’t there to provide near-comic relief like Tig was, that’s for sure.

“You’re a man who dares to dance with the freaks.” — Venus

A fan favorite, Venus Van Dam was a transgender prostitute that became a powerful asset for the club. She went on to gain even more significance for Tig.

“This is about war and maybe tomorrow, next month, maybe ten years from now someone wearing a Reaper will cut your heart out.” – Bobby

One of the most commendable things about SAMCRO was that they always took care of their own. It may not be instant retribution, but it’s guaranteed to come in some form.

“I promise, always, to cherish and protect you…and treat you as good as my leather and ride you as much as my Harley.” – Opie

During one of the happiest moments of the show, Opie marries Lyla and delivers a biker’s vows.

“I bought him fingers. Those freaky little nubs were freaking me out.” – Gemma

Over time, the most odd characters became part of the SAMCRO family. Meet Chucky, once plagued with compulsive masturbation order and eventually losing his fingers. Out of kindness, Gemma got him some prosthetics.

“My grief and introspection terrifies them… drives Gemma mad. Clay’s pity has moved into profound loathing. I see my best friend and my wife growing closer and closer. I have no jealousy, truly. I feel nothing. Not even fear, and I know I should be afraid.” – John Teller

If Jax is Hamlet, the journal of his father represents his ghost. In this excerpt, JT questions the motives of his best friend and wife.

“Cop and the outlaw brokered a deal 25 years ago. You expedite SAMCRO’s criminal needs and they protect the town. Everyone knows, nobody cared because it worked. It doesn’t work anymore. Murder, kidnap, gangland shootouts. I’m afraid the 21st century has come to Charming.” – David Hale

It seemed that whenever a new cop came into Charming, things seemed to get worse. David Hale was no exception. Don’t rock the boat, David.
“He made it through the Iraqi mine fields only to get taken out in a Goddamn kitchen.” – Clay

Probably one of the first sad moments in SOA was when Half-sack died just around the time he was about to get what he really wanted, to be a full-fledged member of SAMCRO.

“We don’t know who we are until we’re connected to someone else. We’re just better human beings when with the person we’re supposed to be with. I wasn’t supposed to leave…I belong here.” – Tara

Tara was the way in for a lot of viewers. By that point in the show, everyone we’d met was pretty much already in for a while. But we were able to watch her become more intertwined with the lifestyle over time and it wasn’t always clear what she wanted to do.

“Anything happens to my grandson, anything, I promise you I’m gonna shove a gun barrel up that bony ass of yours and I’m gonna blow that black heart of yours out.” – Clay

Clay wasn’t always the bad guy.

“You keep saying you want to change things, but you keep repeating old behavior. You can’t have it both ways.” – Tara

Tara knew what the problem was from the very beginning of it all. But if anyone would’ve listened to her then, we wouldn’t have had a show.

“Working with the Irish.” — Every single character, probably.