Here Are The Outstanding Pop Culture Valentines For Your Sun And Stars

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Hodor (Game Of Thrones) card by PJ McQuade, available here.

On Monday, we brought you 20 geeky valentines, as is our tradition every year. Today we bring you almost 30 more valentines celebrating Valentine’s Day as it should be celebrated, with TV and movie references and plenty of puns and sarcasm. Will there be a dancing shark? Of course. Will there be special celebrity guests? Always. Are there ’90s TV show references? You know it. Hodor? Hodor.

Brick Tamland (Anchorman) card by PJ McQuade, for sale here.

Boy Meets World [via]


Con Air [via]

Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation) card for sale here.

Friends card for sale here. [via]

Seinfeld card for sale here. [via]

Bob’s Burgers GIF card made by Claire. [via]

Bob’s Burgers card for sale here.

Doge card for sale here.

Doge card [via]

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