’30 Rock’ Will Begin Streaming On Hulu The Same Day It Leaves Netflix

As exciting as monthly streaming catalog updates are these days, the recent October installment for Netflix proved depressing for fans of 30 Rock. All seven seasons of Liz Lemon’s misadventures running a sketch and variety series totally not based on Tina Fey’s experiences at Saturday Night Live were set to disappear on Sunday, October 1st. And since rival Hulu’s October slate made no mention of the series in its latest additions, many feared the worst. Well fear no longer, because Jack Donaghy’s (Alec Baldwin) frequent attempts to undermine Lemon and her show will in fact be heading to Hulu.

On the heels of Will & Grace‘s addition to the Hulu catalog, the streaming service announced all of 30 Rock would be joining its ranks on October 1st — the same day it departs from Netflix. What’s more, all of Parenthood and many other shows owned by NBCUniversal Television and New Media Distribution will be making their Hulu debut later this year, or sometime in early 2018. Intriguingly, the deal also includes Paul Reiser’s There’s… Johnny!, one of many original programming casualties of Seeso’s collapse, but not others like fan-favorites Take My Wife and Bajillion Dollar Propertie$.

So come this Sunday, when you shed yours first tears following Lemon’s last lines and Donaghy’s final drags, just remember that all your favorite episodes of 30 Rock and more are just a few clicks away on another streaming service.