A Television First? One Actress Played Characters Who Died Ten Minutes Apart On Two Different Shows

(Spoilers ahead for fans of The Walking Dead and Resurrection.)

We see actors pull double duty on two (or sometimes more) television shows all the time. Occasionally, we might even see actors in two different shows air on the same night. But this may be a first.

You may not be too familiar with an actress named April Billingley, but the website Pyro and Ballyhoo has identified her as an actress who may have pulled off an unusual television feat: On Sunday, October 26th, she played characters who died on two different shows during the same time slot. In fact, her characters died about ten minutes apart from each other.

The Walking Dead fans may recognize Billingsley as Theresa, one of the cannibals among Gareth’s crew who, during a church invasion, was taken out by Michonne.

Meanwhile, about ten minutes later on another channel, Billingsley — playing a recurring character on another undead show, Resurrection — died and returned 32 years later looking younger than her daughter (it helps to understand the premise of Resurrection to know how that happened. Just trust me. It makes sense.).

Call up Guinness, folks. That’s (possible) television history.

Source: Pyro and Ballyhoo