A Woman Tried Out A ‘Boob Boosting’ Wonderlift Machine On British TV

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06.11.13 15 Comments

This Morning ITV

Between ball ironing and boob lifting, it’s a very exciting time for people who are fed up with their saggy, wrinkly bodies. Although, while it just takes a quick laser session for the gentlemen of Hollywood to smooth out their coin pouches, ladies interested in trying out the Wonderlift breast enhancer machine might want to start clearing their schedules.

The technological advancement was on display earlier this morning on the fittingly-named British daytime chat show, This Morning, as hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby (above) watched a woman named Nicole bare her breasts for the sake of science. Popular celebrity beauty consultant Stephen Handisides was also there to offer his expert opinion – “It’s a good treatment.”

You hear that, ladies? It’s good.

Before you watch this clip from the show, remember that it’s a video of a woman with exposed breasts, and while you can’t see her nipples, it’s safe to assume it’s NSFW.

While Nicole claimed that the process was “quite comfortable” as she sat in front of a studio audience on TV with her boobs in two giant suction devices, Stephen explained that the process requires 12 treatments over the span of 12 months. But maybe after the third visit the machine might spring for dinner. It’s the least it can do.

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