A Young Jordan Peele Once Asked President Bill Clinton A Question During A Televised White House Q&A

Comedian Kevin Pollak has a popular podcast and YouTube series that he has very aptly named Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show, and his list of recent guests is pretty remarkable, as he has shot the sh*t with everyone we love, from Jon Hamm and Bill Hader to Tom Hanks and Larry David. Back in May, he interviewed Key and Peele star Jordan Peele about a wide variety of topics, from the way that Dutch women just lay it all on the table to how Oprah Winfrey basically controls the entire universe.

One little nugget that seemed to have slipped through the cracks – probably because the interview only has 7,831 views on YouTube more than four months later – is that when Peele was a teenager, he got to attend the “President Clinton: Answering Children’s Questions” event at the White House in 1993, and he even asked President Bill Clinton a question about how the government can help a single mom out when the father is unwilling to contribute. Fortunately, as Peele Tweeted this evening, YouTuber Justin Bosch tracked down the footage (the entire event is available on YouTube) and combined Peele’s anecdote with the actual moment that he grilled Clinton.

Peele’s question was so good that even Peter Jennings had to commend him, but the real stars of that event were Chelsea Clinton, who stopped by with Socks the cat, and especially ABC political correspondent Steve Urkel, who helped teach kids how a law is passed.