The Feud Between Adam Goldberg And Adam F. Goldberg Came To A Head On This Week’s ‘The Goldbergs’

This is Adam Goldberg. Many probably know him from Fargo or Friends or from a number of independent films.

Based on a conversation he had with Marc Maron on Maron’s WTF podcast, I think it’s fair to assume that Adam Goldberg is a bit of a grumpy guy.

This is Adam F. Goldberg. He is the creator of the ABC sitcom The Goldbergs, a fantastic comedy set in the 1980s inspired by the life of Adam F. Goldberg.

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Adam Goldberg and Adam F. Goldberg are obviously not the same person, but occasionally, people have confused the two. I will admit that when The Goldbergs was initially announced, I thought it was going to be based on the life of the Adam Goldberg from Friends. (That probably would have been a very gloomy show.)

Anyway, there has been a long-running real-life pissing match between Adam Goldberg and Adam F. Goldberg because they share the same name, and Adam Goldberg thinks it unfairly leads to marketplace confusion. This feud came out into the open in the summer of 2015, when Adam Goldberg (the one from Fargo) got irritated because people kept confusing The Goldbergs with the show he was on, The Jim Gaffigan Show on TV Land. It led to an extended argument on Twitter.

It began with this tweet, where actor Adam Goldberg tried to trick The Goldbergs‘ viewers into watching The Jim Gaffigan Show on TV Land.

Adam Goldberg followed it up with four or five more tweets in the same vein. The Goldbergs‘ Adam F. Goldberg responded thusly:

This led to an extended back and forth on Twitter that was both hilarious and petty. Adam Goldberg, the indie film actor, is clearly unhappy about sharing the same name with a sitcom writer.