Adam Sandler’s Peacekeeping Skills Helped David Spade Avoid A Chris Farley K.O.

Adam Sandler didn’t need to invoke his all-important Cobbler powers to ease tensions between two Saturday Night Live notables. Instead it was good ol’ fashioned logic and sensible peacekeeping tactics that prevented some potential SNL-on-SNL violence in the ’90s.

Sandler and his The Do-Over co-star David Spade made their way to Conan tonight, and The Sandman™ shared a fascinating tale about how he was able to talk Chris Farley out of throwing fists in the direction of his comedy soulmate Spade. It’s not like there was an extended festering beef between Farley and Spade, but as Sandler notes, Farley would sometimes lose his temper over something silly with Spade, and that’s when Sandler would need to swoop in to help sort things out.

“He’d get so angry that David was talking to a girl or something and he’d be like ‘I’m gonna kill him. I’m gonna punch him.’ And I’d say don’t hit him. He’d be like ‘no, I gotta. I gotta hit him Adsy. I’m gonna crush him.’ And I’d say it doesn’t make any sense, because if you knock him out you’re known as a jerk and if you lose, my god, you’re known as a giant p*ssy.”

Spade adds his own perspective on the story and some reminiscing about the “most horrifying voicemail” that you’ll definitely want to hear. Even memories of some hairy situations with Farley are ones both Spade and Sandler remember with great fondness.