Watch The Final Trailer For Adam Sandler’s ‘The Do-Over’

Adam Sandler’s next Netflix-only movie, The Do-Over, is almost here and with the release date so close, Netflix has released one final trailer to try and convince and last holdouts to watch the film when it premieres on Friday, May 27. The buddy comedy (or, more specifically, “definitely not buddies” comedy) stars David Spade and Adam Sandler as two guys whose lives have gone off the rails and desperately need the titular “do-over.” Sandler’s character fakes the deaths of both guys without Spade’s characters permission, and the shenanigans ensue from there. Of course, there is a threat of danger to the guys’ “second lives” because faking your death to achieve hot girls and riches can’t ever just be straightforward. `

It is fitting that most of the movie takes place at a beautiful home with a pool and a constant string of hot women present. If Spade and Sandler are going to take an easy paycheck with a Netflix movie Sandler produced himself, it only makes sense that they would make it as much of a working vacation as possible. Or just a vacation, period. Spade even takes a page out of Tom Cruise’s book by casting Paula Patton as his much younger and much hotter love interest. You can’t really blame these guys for making comedies featuring immature humor and recycled storylines if they know they’ll basically print money and make every 14-year-old boy everywhere laugh so hard they pee themselves. Anybody in their position would probably do the same thing.

The Do-Over is directed by the same person who helmed semi-classics Little Nicky and Mr. Deeds, Stephen Brill, so it might not be all bad. But color us skeptical based on this most recent trailer offering.

(Via Variety)