Adam West Is Listed Under 'Bruce Wayne' And 'Batman' In The Phone Book

The only things kids have less interest in these days than the Batusi is the phone book. But that didn’t stop one Redditor, slapshotten11, from looking up Batman/The Simpsons/Family Guy star Adam West, who he lives in the “same [Idaho] valley” as, in the glorified paperweight.

Turns out, West is even cooler than we thought: the listing for West, Adam leads to “See Wayne, Bruce (Millionaire),” which leads to, “Please consult Crime Fighters in the Yellow Pages,” which leads to, “See Batman — White Pages,” which leads to, “See West, Adam.”

With all due respect to Michael Keaton, ADAM. WEST. IS. BATMAN. (even if he does as piss poor of a job as Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 2 of hiding his secret identity.) Also, hahaha, “Weake, Gay.” That guy probably pulled a reverse Batman, and killed his parents for giving him that name.

(Via Reddit)